Monday, March 21, 2011

One more time at Perry

Made it up to Perry for the third race in the Dam series. Wasn't feeling spectacular and was losing confidence as the race start drew near. This photo is right at the start and I do not appear to be very happy about life.

Here is the pack climbing up the finishing hill. this was only the first of seven times up the hill. At least we had a south wind pushing us up the hill. You would think that would make the climb easier, no, it just makes everyone go faster. Still just as hard.

Yep, looking good for the camera. If you can't be fast, it's good to look fast.

No, this is not my impression of Lance. I was just getting dropped from the lead pack (as many others already had) and was desperately hoping someone was coming to pull me back to the group on the downhill. I don't go very fast downhill. I have to pedal while most just coast. I suppose I get the weight benefits of going uphill though. This was the 5th time up the hill. While I did regroup with three others and catch the pack again on that 6th lap, I was gone again on the 6th time up the hill. It was then just suffer on home to the finish the entire 7th lap. Ended up finishing right in the middle.

Dustin joined me and as you can see was sporting the new ESU gear. He came out and finished 10th in his first road race, on a 40 year old steel frame I might add. The two of us are hoping to make it up to Manhattan next weekend to do some collegiate racing. Even though I didn't do as well as I wanted, I had a blast. I suppose that is why I keep doing it. The day it is no longer fun is the day I will quit. And I don't see that happening any time soon!