Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, I'm not entirely sure that anyone outside of my family reads this, but I just keep posting anyways. Yesterday I had my first class of my mountain bike class. And let me tell you it gets me pretty dang excited. I have been a pretty strong advocate for cycling in Emporia and at Emporia State University for a while now. It makes me pretty happy that we have 18 strong in our first attempt at a mtb class. Not only that, Bobby Smith has followed suit and has 15 students in his mtb class. Maybe we'll just start a trend. I know ESU is already talking about offering the course again in the fall. When it comes to bikes, the only thing I like better then riding them is helping others get involved and seeing them enjoy riding their bikes. It makes me happy!


Jed said...


Matt B said...

I read it...but I guess we are pretty much family.

bobby said...

I agree with Matt...we are pretty much family. And you know i read this.