Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, the 'snowpocalypse' has graced us with 4 feet of snow. However, riding looks optimistic for Monday and Tuesday when I'm off. Upper 30s and sunshine. The roads should be good and clear by then as well. 
A beautiful winter wonderland. Not much visibility going on here. This is what I got to see when I stepped out of my office. Actually, I took this yesterday. Since this picture we added on another foot or two of snow.

It was a challenge to get up the path to my apartment. My blue jeans were soaked, I trudged a long way in some deep snow. The next morning was even worse. I couldn't even take this path as it was up to my chest!

My humble abode. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ah, the great outdoors

Yes I finally sucked it up. Sure, the winters are a bit rough up here, but mostly I've just been a weeny. The temps were in the low 30s and only a light flurry for precipitation. After seeing what the Adventure Monkey was riding in, I knew this would be no problem.

The sign my friends, reads: "Next 1 1/2 miles, Use Low Gear." That is for the semis. For bikers that means "Hold on for Dear Life." In fact, as I was blazing down the hill the tears streaming from my eyes were freezing to my cheek. Unfortunately, the only way to get home is back up the hill. A mile and a half of 8% grade and that is no fun no matter what the temps are. 

I did manage to stop and take a few photos along the way. The ice is beautiful here all colorful like.  
The Superfly wanted to stop and pose with the pretty ice. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Memory Lane

Ah yes, Super Bowl Sunday. I do plan on watching the least for a bit. Maybe it will hold my attention until half time, then I might flip back towards the end to see who wins. No, these days I'm more interested in the kickoff of races such as the Tour of Qatar. Team Sky did have an impressive win. Although Radioshack was not present and no one is really fielding their 'A' teams. 

Anyways, the real reason for today's post was a trip down memory lane. While re-living the early days of High Gear cyclery I stumbled upon the profile of Emporia Legend Tim Mohn, which I highly recommend you take a peek at. I had forgotten how Tim and I were once bitter rivals . Take this quote from his page for example:

Why should someone take up cycling as a new hobby?s the perfect sport.
Cycling is the perfect sport.
Done by all ages.
Both sexes.
All races, nationalities and religions.
Big one’s, small one’s, even somewhat bald one’s (no offense Lelan).
I will ride till the day I die. And so can you.

Very funny Dr. Seuss. Yep, he spared no excuse at chopping away at my self esteem and I made sure to challenge his man hood whenever an opportunity would present itself. Which was basically every time I came into the shop. And now those days are gone. Distance has put an end to our 'love to hate each other' relationship. I can only imagine that in my absence, and lacking a suitable trash talker, he has fallen off the pace. But don't you worry Timmy. One day I shall return to speak slanderously of your name and challenge you to a bout of two-wheeled debauchery. 

In the meantime, enjoy this video. Particularly that handsome devil of a drummer.
(Click the picture for the video!)
Oh Tim, how I miss you, ya big galoot.