Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bikes 'n Beautiful Weather

These are two of my favorite things! It's a good thing you can't hear me singing. Being the jobless wandering vagabond that I am, I decided to mosey up to Topeka to ride some new trails with my faja. (That's father in case you were struggling with that.) Seeing how I've never ridden Dornwood and Tom Travis, who works with my papa, has been suggesting them, we traveled across town to give them a trial run. The layout can be pretty confusing as there are a lot of off chute trails, but we just picked a line and went for it. After that my dad had a tee time appointment and I wandered off to Clinton Lake to join Spot Josh for some single speed spinning. Although there was little spinning being done on my part. It was a struggle to get them cranks revolving. Just one tooth too few on the back. I managed to tip over on a nice rock section. I'm often too proud to just unclip and admit defeat, so in true Mike style I took a spill on the hard stuff. Not to be outdone Josh made a nice dismount from his bike as well. Stalling out on a climb he thought a nearby tree could give him leverage and he couldn't have been more wrong. Josh was so kind as to show me the Clinton Terrain Park as well. We spent a good hour or so playing on the teeter toters, log runs, and other various obstacles. Not that I've seen my fair share of terrain parks, but this one was very nice. It's very, very nice. After being beaten and bruised I limped my way back home, ate frozen pizzas and watched the tube with my papa. Yet another fabulous day in the neighborhood.

Yep, getting delirious and going to bed now.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

An update from Garret?

You know it's time to update when Garret is throwing down posts. What's it been....2 years? Plus, everyone else has kept me informed of their doings, so I thought I should join the party. Just watched the Super Bowl. You've all seen it I imagine. Wanted the Cards to pull one out (Go Underdogs!), but don't get to concerned about it beyond that. Let's see...SS and Superfly are tubeless. That makes me very happy. The cross bike will be soon. Chris Wiggins, Mike, and myself laid down 6 laps at camp Alexander yesterday. I couldn't of imagined feeling any better. But, with the weather what it was I don't know that I could have had a bad day on the bike. I know, you're getting the short and skinny here. Maybe the next post will be a little more colorful. Possibly even a picture or two.