Sunday, March 27, 2011

Group Rides

I have to share Aaron's sentiment on canceled races. I have had this debate myself with friends, especially since I used to LOVE ripping it up in the mud. But, anymore I have turned into a wuss and hate to clean my bike, so I try to avoid the mud. Not to mention the trail damage it does. But, I get even more confused when road races get canceled. I had planned on doing my first collegiate race until KSU canceled the races this weekend. Can't say I am too upset, the weather is terrible! I am done riding in the cold.

Anyways, had a wonderful training ride this past Thursday. Finally got out with Tim, Scott, and Matt. Tim and I have not gotten to ride together for quite some time.

The four of us got in a couple of good laps at Camp Alexander before venturing south to meet up with the first Thursday night group ride of the year. A fantastic turnout of 30 showed even though th weather was a little chillier than expected. I can only hope for more of this!

Jed, Renee, and myself. Finally a picture that shows my good side.

Kosinski was kind enough to let me ride his Redline SS for a stretch. I wanted to test out those H-Bars. I guess he didn't mind pedaling my Superfly for a bit.

(Pictures courtesy of John Decker, thanks John!)

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