Monday, January 28, 2008

Madison Ride

The game plan is usually to head in to the wind first. That way you get the wind at your back on the way home. With the wind out of the South, taking 99 south was our only option. So off to Madison we went. We had our largest group yet with 9 people. Matt, Brad Williams, Bobby, Mike Wise, Shawn Honea, Teddy, Garret Seacappie, Dusty Sopoci, and myself. As usual Tim was absent. We miss you Tim.

The wind was pretty brutal heading south (22-25 mph) and the hills were getting bigger the closer we got to Madison. Luckily we had Seacappie to pull us through the mountains. After rehydrating in Madison we ventured a little ways East and then turned on to the promised land. A beautiful stretch of highway heading north into Hartford. (Yes, that means the wind is with us now.) I'm pretty sure we didn't drop under 25mph until we hit Hartford. We decided to chow down on some tasty and in no way nutritional gas station pizza. This will be the last time I make this mistake. For the last 7-10 miles of the ride I was having some serious bubble guts. Not good. I don't wish that upon even my worst enemies. Not like it would have mattered. Matt took home the sprint honors on his cross bike. That means he beat out those of us on our road bikes with a 46t chain ring. What a punk. Who invites that guy anyways!

Just kidding, enjoy that beautiful Caribbean sun.

Friday, January 25, 2008

No turning back

The money is down and the commitment is made. I registered for the Dirty Kanza 200. For those of you not familiar with this epic ride, it is a 200 mile race spanning the east-central flint hills. It starts and ends in Emporia, Ks. For more details check out the rider's bible and registration info at the Heartland race website. (Link on the right) Registration is only $40 for this amazing ride. However, there are no refunds. I figured if I payed now, I wouldn't be able to back out later. I can not encourage everyone enough to come experience this ride. Not many of us get out for a 200 mile ride every weekend, so this is the chance to put your will to the test. Come for the challenge, but also come for the great people and great experience. The folks at Heartland Sports Promotions put on amazing events. (Again, refer to the link at the right to check out what else is in store for this year.)

Now I need a moment on my soap box. Get down to your local bike store. (If you're anywhere within 100 miles of the Emporia area, I suggest you pay a visit to High Gear Cyclery.) Check out what they have. Yes, you will be spending a few more dollars, but you get what you pay for. (I think you'll find the bikes more reasonably priced then what you might think) If you want to commute, explore the countryside, or kill yourself on a 200 mile adventure a Wal-Mart bike just ain't gonna cut it. Do yourself a favor and save a few extra dollars to get a bike that will make the difference.

Thanks for listening and we'll see you on the trails!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Sunday, Another Ride

Only four of us ventured out in the below freezing temperatures today. Matt Brown, Mike Wise, Brad Williams, and myself. We shortened the ride a little though and only did 40 miles today.

We headed to Hartford via John Deere road. Once we got there we decided to make a pit stop and get more of that fine nutritional food from the gas station. After filling up I was anxious to get back on the road, because I knew the wind would be behind us the rest of the way. It was smooth sailing all the way home.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I made a video for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday Ride

Well, we got out again this past Sunday for another afternoon ride. There were 8 of us that made the trip. Myself, Matt, Timzilla (Mr. Mohn), Bobby, Mike Wise, Garret Seacat, his brother Brian, and Teddy. Quite the turnout for the middle of January.

We headed north on 99 to RD 250. From there we went East through Reading. This stretch was amazing. This particular road is some of the smoothest pavement around Emporia and more importantly the wind was at our backs. It was short-lived though as we turned back South in to Lebo. Tim and I were trying to hatch a plan to make a city limit sprint in to Lebo. But, Lebo apparently is not sure about where it begins and had no sign to sprint to. After Lebo, Garret and Brian headed for Emporia on Highway 50. The rest of the group ventured further South to Hartford. After Hartford it got cold. Something about the sun going down makes the world a little cooler. Once we hit 99 heading back in to Emporia we knew we were home free. Total trip was about 65 miles.

Some of the ladies decided to make it out as well. Stephanie, Crystal B., Jenna, and C-dub made a gravel road trip out around Olpe and back. Very nice!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome to the club good sir.

I felt it my duty to announce that my good friend Bobby Wintle has just bought himself a Felt Comp 29er. It is pretty spectacular. Only the finest from the crew down at High Gear. The Emporia area is now crawling with 29ers and if you haven't yet experienced the amazingness of a 29er then you need to get your buns down to the shop and try 'em out.

Congrats Bobby, enjoy the ride!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Puttin' down some miles.

Well, sorry to say there are no pictures from yesterday's ride. But, it was an adventure. Matt Brown, Shawn Honea, Bobby Wintle, and myself set out to put in some miles before race season.

We headed out of town west on Highway 50. Making it to Strong City was a feat in itself. The shoulder is plenty wide, but you battle rumble strips and semi's the whole way there. After a quick stop to refill on water we headed north on 177 to Council Grove. This stretch of Highway is just magnificent. The view is great, (if you like that no tree's, nothing but hills and blue skies kinda look.) the hills are long, (Yes, there are elevation gains in Kansas) and the wind was surprisingly mild for Kansas. (Anything under 15mph is a welcomed surprise around here.) When we hit Council grove we made a pit stop at a gas station for some much needed nutrition. (gas station pizza and cookies.) Then it was a race against daylight to get back to Emporia. Despite averaging over 20 we had to call for a ride at Americus, ending our trip at 65 miles. Team manager Marv Brown came to chauffeur us back to Emporia. Next time we'll get an earlier start and I'll be sure to take the camera.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Toys

Well, I did it again. It seems that whenever I have money I have to go out and spend it. Yes, it was burning a hole in my pocket. But, I got some great new toys. First of which is a canon powershot digital camera. This I can justify to myself, because my old camera was just that. Outdated and so 4 years ago. I have been busy taking pictures of my beautiful nieces since I got it. (I'll get those on here eventually.) The second new gadget I probably could have survived without. But, it is amazing. If you have not yet realized the awesomeness of a Zune you should experience it. Truly amazing.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Figuring this out...

Okay, I haven't done much with this thing yet. But, I did put a link to High Gear Cyclery of Emporia, KS. Only the raddest bike store around. And I also put a picture of my bestest friend Bobby on here. I know it looks bad, but in the long run I think he got the best of that tree. Bobby and I are headed out to Council Grove this weekend and race season is just around the corner, so plenty of pictures and posts to come!