Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gettin' Ready

So, I decided with the cross season almost over I might give this crazy thing a try. Surely by now all those hardcore crossers are worn down from a winter of crushing it. I started putting some time back in the saddle in hopes that I won't finish dead last. Second to last maybe, I could live with that. I also recently discovered that DK registration is the same day as the race. I had tried to talk myself out of doing it again. I finished, pretty respectably on top of that. I should be happy with that right? Of course not. I started looking at last years results and thinking of all the ways I could shave time next year, plus I should theoretically be in better shape. Dang it, I'll be signing up to have another go at it. Maybe crack the top 10 this year. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random thoughts on the eve of Christmas Eve

If you have not seen every last episode of Arrested Development then I strongly suggest you do so. Now. Bobby, Crystal, and myself have diligently watched the entire three seasons. Now that it is over I'm not quite sure how I'll spend my time. Riding is on the back burner...for the most part. Bobby and I made a trip out to Raunchy Randy's Cyclo-X track and tore up the course in the snow on our mountain bikes. This Friday the temps are s'posed to rocket into the mid 50's. Nothing will be keeping me off my bike on Friday.

How could I have forgot about this. Bobby and I finally finished up our schooling. I think a few people have got their doctorates in the time it took me to get a bachelor's, but hey, we can't all be rocket scientist's. Big ol' thanks to my family for making me feel pretty special about it. Hmm, seems to be about all that's been going on lately. Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

Monday, December 15, 2008

CX Nationals

The warm morning temps were a mere teaser and the looming cold front was only appropriate for a cx national championship. Mike, Jim, Bobby and myself decided we needed to have a little fun, so we did a couple laps on the short track around the corner from the cross course. It was enough to convince me I might want to hit a couple of those up come next summer. Then the cold really hit. It was miserable for a bit, but then Mike, Bobby, and I found a good bit of the course that was hidden by some trees. 
Nothing like below freezing temps to bring out the crazies of the world. Gotta love it.
Look at this champ. Amidst all the stars this guy was by far my favorite. But, it was nice getting a little start struck by the likes of Todd Wells and Jeremiah Bishop. And of course a long list of 'crossers. 
Taking the barriers like a champ. 
Eventual National Champion Ryan Trebon. I was glad to see him take home the victory. It seemed to be sweet justice for what happened here last year. The man won it by a considerable margin. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bye Bye Home of the Blues...Buenas Dias Bread Basket State

I know what you're thinking and you are wrong my friend. These are not just any ol' ordinary ducks swimming in a hotel lobby. These are THE world famous Peabody ducks. Daffy ain't got nothin' on these mallards. Well, enough hype. While strolling downtown we walked by the Peabody hotel and had to stop by and see the trained birds. They really don't do much besides walk down from their 21st floor penthouse to come play in the fountain. Then they go back upstairs. It made my night.
Also made a trip to the National Civil Rights Museum. This is the Lorraine Hotel, the wreath on the balcony signifies the place where MLK Jr. was standing when he was shot. The hotel has since been converted into the Civil Rights Museum. Top notch, see it if you're rolling through Memphis.
Mmm...guitars. I had to make a stop at the Gibson factory (even though I'm a Fender man myself). The tour was pretty sweet, although guitars are nearly made entirely by machines nowadays. It was still a good time, got to pick on some high dolla' gitfiddles.

Now, I kept this a secret from my friends and family. But, I decided to quit my job in pursuit of Big Foot full-time. I thought I would take my belongings to the pacific northwest and make routine bike trips into the backcountry in search of the elusive primate. But, as it turns out he was just hanging out in downtown Memphis. Friendly fella too and always spreading holiday cheer. Not to mention he grilled up some nice burgers. 

Well, I guess this is my final Memphis post. In two days I'll be making the trip back to good ol' Kansas. Memphis has been good to me, but let's face it. The south has nothin' on the sweet tea I've got waiting for me. And BBQ...PLEASE! Gimme that sweet KC Masterpiece any day. Now the riding, that I'm gonna miss (a little further East). Yes, Kansas is beautiful in her own barren wasteland kinda way. But, I'd pick a certain group of folks over the mountains every time. It goes without saying that I'm coming back for my family and there are too many wonderful people to name. Never thought I'd be so happy to admit that only a few of 'em have escaped state boundaries. I guess what I'm trying to say is good bye Tennessee, hello Home Sweet Home.