Sunday, July 27, 2008

Road 90

Well, I didn't do the death ride today. I wanted to support the local event, but registration was a bit steep and I have to work this afternoon. I did manage to get on my bike this morning. I didn't really want to ride alone, but sometimes it's what the soul needs. Besides, you're never really alone anyways.

Tryin' to be artsy fartsy.
Seriously, how often do you see dung beetles at work?        pictures do such injustice.
Plenty of time to think out here.

Friday, July 25, 2008

CX Magazine

Not much to report, but I wanted to get a link up here to the article I wrote for CX Magazine. Check it out and hope you enjoy.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Raw Meat

I feel like I'm in an episode of My Name is Earl. Stupid Karma. I give Garret crap about his chapped a$$ and now my hind end looks like it went through a meat grinder. That's what Shawnee will do to you. I have ridden rocky courses and by no means shy away from a rocky challenge. But, this was just ridiculous. No big rocks to speak of, just seemingly endless amounts of bumps in the road.

Despite that, the day was great. Hotter than I anticipated, but I felt like I did a fair job of staying hydrated. I teamed up with my esteemed Business Partner, Bobby Wintle, and we crushed it for a 5th place showing. It was an all day battle royale between fellow High Gear racers Jim Cummins and Tim Mohn, but they edged us out in the end by just 1 minute. Garret and Mike also teamed up to form the punishing duo known as High BMI, but were riddled with mechanicals and wipeouts all day. Cam took the honors in the 6 hour solo class and Mark Studnicki shredded the field in the 3 hour race. Dandy Randy was feeling young and finished smack dab in the middle of the 3hr 40+ class. Way to give them youngin's a run for their money!

Also, thanks to Amber for talking me into some raffle tickets. I was pretty bummed about not winning anything at the last race. But, they had some lights that I wanted so I got $10 worth. I didn't get the lights, but walked away with a set of Easton wheels. I don't have a use for them so if anyone wants a set of Easton XC One's then let me know!

And I almost forgot Matt! Thanks for the loaner, it rode like a charm.

Bobby fixing his second flat, before the race even started!

Timzilla putting the squeeze on the Seacat.

Full Results Here

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just cuz'

I figure it's been way to long since my last post. I guess not too much has been happening. We had the MS Marble walk this past weekend, despite mother nature's unwillingness to cooperate. Thanks to everyone who came and helped out. Bobby and I just finished up three laps at Camp Alexander, they are smoking fast. (Will be due for some trimming before too long...) Sorry Mike, only 3 laps, don't be too disappointed. I'm off to Tom and Bev's final potluck dinner. Best of luck to them in their journey's! Oh, and ESU jersey's are in. This nearly 2 year project is finally at an end. If I could post pictures I would. Maybe I'll get a new USB cord so I can do that. Seems to be it for now, shouldn't be this long for future posts.