Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bone Bender

What to even say about this. Trails were proclaimed to be dry at 7am, so the decision was made to race. Unfortunately, the rain came at about 10 and didn't let off for a little over an hour. It was almost race time so there was no looking back now. Bobby and I were geared up for the duo. Bobby suffered an unfortunate mechanical and I decided to go out for a lap even though our chances didn't look good. Came away with a new jacket out of the deal...can't argue with that. Sounds like the boys down in Neosho got a little sloppy as well. Hopefully Wilson will offer us some DIRT to ride on. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bobby displaying the look of pain after finishing the Ouchita 60 mile race. Bobby, yet again feeling brakes were not needed, decided to demolish his front brake lever on a rock. 

Randy was all smiles after finishing. He almost didn't come and I am glad he changed his mind. He ended up riding down with Bobby and myself and it was a magnificent road trip. Although, I'm still uncertain of the services offered at the many tote and pokes we saw along the way. 

This was me pre riding on Saturday. I was singing a different tune come race day. As usual I feel I didn't prepare sufficiently for this race. But, it was the first one of the year and I'm ready for Bone Bender. My esteemed business partner Bobby and myself will be teaming up to tackle the 6hr duo. And we are hungry to avenge our poor performances at Ouachita. No matter what it will be good times! And don't forget, Pillar concert this Saturday in Emporia. You better be there!