Sunday, April 27, 2008

No race doesn't mean no ride...

Well, not to anyone's surprise the race was canceled today. Kansas has it out for us. In hindsight, I'm rather glad because had the race gone on as planned I would have wrecked the entirely new drive train that Matt put on for me. (Thanks!)

But, just because there ain't no race, don't mean we didn't get out on our bikes. With a NW wind Matt thought it would be good to see the last 50 miles of the DK. Rather discouraging actually. But, at least I know what I'm in for after 150 miles in the saddle. (And it doesn't look good. Those of you who rode last year know what I'm talking about.)

The ride itself was entertaining though. Garret decided he needed to get a flat about 20 miles in. (Yes, it was a conscious decision that he made.) Instead of helping him out, Matt, Dusty, and myself played some carnival games. When we finally got rolling again we were freezing. I would have been fine, but Garret talked me out of taking my jacket. About 5 miles from Americus Matt initiated the city limit sprint. Of course, nobody but Matt knew where the city limit line was, so we gave chase. I'm okay with this though, because it gets Garret out of the equation. Except when Matt made his final move Garret inadvertently swerved in front of me. Otherwise...I definitely would have had Matt. At least that's what I tell myself. Once in Americus we hit up Casey's. (Who was out of pizza) We cut a few miles out of the route and started heading for Emporia since we lost some time with the flats. Matt once again started to break early for the sprint. (like 5 miles early.) I guess he looked back once and didn't think anyone was going with him, but when he looked back again I had made my way up to join him. Apparently this angered him and he took off. (I don't think he was really mad) So for 5 miles I gave chase and fell up short of course. I think that about sums it up. A great ride on some great roads.

Roads that will be very painful in about 5 weeks.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

*cough* I think I've got the black lung pop...

Well, I didn't spend a day in the mines, but I did venture out into burn country.

In order to get a true test of how the cross bike would feel on the DK I took it out on some of the tougher roads we will have to traverse. On your typical gravel roads the cross bike is a no brainer. It's light and fast. However, the question was could the bike, and more importantly my body, stand up to the abuse of your not so typical gravel roads. In fact, you can't even call them gravel. Dirt and rock is more appropriate. And you may be saying, "well that's what a gravel road is, dirt and rocks." But let me be clear, there is a big distinction between gravel and the rocks that inhabit some of these roads. To top it all off I started to roll into some smoke. Just a little at first, which maybe would have been enough to deter some from continuing. But not I. Call it perseverance or stupidity (I would go with the latter), but I forged on. And yep, there was more burning. Miles and miles of it. For a true challenge come try some of these hills while holding your breath. (on second thought, I don't recommend that) Don't worry, the burning will be done (I hope) come DK time.

Back to the point of this whole story, the cross bike felt fast on the climbs and surprisingly smooth on the descents (as smooth as these roads can be). Sure, it's going to beat you up a little more then your mtb, that's a given. And you might run a higher risk of flats. But, in the end I feel the trade off is plenty worth it. Of course, I enjoy a little time in the drops. So, if you're trying to decide mtb or cross bike, (as most of us are) I would highly suggest gettin' on the cross. I'm running Ritchey speedmax's, the tires make a big difference as well. Of course, I only did 45 miles yesterday. I could have a different opinion once a get a longer ride on it!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Maiden Voyage

Thanks to Matt I finally got my bike put together. And with yesterday's weather being so nice I had to get it out and test it. I put 30 miles of rough pavement (Ol' 50, for those of you who know it.) and gravel. It felt great and I'm pretty certain it's what I'll be lining up for the DK with. Hopefully it will help me survive. Also, I put a videos link on the right hand side. That way you don't have to search through old posts to find it. And if you're reading this today, then get off your computer and go ride!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dirty Kanza Preview

Okay, okay, it's finally done. I didn't want to have to link it to youtube because it loses some quality, but Blogger was being difficult. I should note that hills in videos are larger then they appear. Participants can expect to do around 9,000 feet of climbing! Also keep in mind that things will be a lot greener come May. The roads will probably be just as rutted though. I would have tried to get more creative shots, but the fella's were not waiting around for me. Anyways, enjoy and let me know what you think.

DK200 Video

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mmm...Kansas wind.

I'll keep this one short, but just know that there will be a sweet DK200 preview video on the way. Jim, Matt, Mike, Garret, Bobby, and myself set out to put in some miles and see if we can survive in 6 weeks. It's questionable for Garret and I. I was having a blast for the first 60 miles. Tearing up hills. Bombing down hills. But, apparently age was wiser than youth and the older fella's got the last laugh on us youngsters. All in all, it was a good day. I'm sure Mike will have some sweet stats, but I can tell you this. There was a lot of climbing and a lot of wind. Anyways, keep an eye out for the vid.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Keep up!

Okay, I know I've been posting like a mad man lately, so try to keep up. But, I thought I would go ahead and link the pictures from the Spoke Pony for ya that way you don't have to go find them yourself.

So, here are some shots from the race. This is the group waiting for the Le Mans style start. (that means we had to run to get to our bikes) Here is a good shot of Tim and Steph running. And you can kinda see me in between those two fella's. This is a good one of Matt cranking it on the bike. He's blurry because he was going so fast! Here's one of Timzilla. This is a good shot of me climbing. I'm pretty sure this was the last lap and I was out to crush it! This is Jim also on his last lap, except he was trying to lap us. How rude. That looks like about it. Feel free to check out all the pics, these were just some of the High Gear peeps that I could find.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Feeling better and wasting time

I know you were all concerned, but I made it through the illness and am feeling much better. I rode the bike to school this afternoon, but my legs were burning! Looks like they need another day of rest. So instead I've just been hangin' on youtube, scouring for sweet videos. I thought I would put some links up here to the fun stuff I've been seeing.

Here is the link to my page, also check out my favorites. I watch quite a few mtb vids. But, here is an amazing bike that I would like to give a whirl. Although I don't think being harnessed in necessarily makes you safe. And here is a short clip on Spot Brand's belt driven bikes. I am looking forward to Josh Patterson getting his in so he can tell us how well it performs. And finally, if bikes aren't your thing and you're looking for a good laugh. Just search Japanese TV game shows. They're hilarious. Okay, now that you have waisted a couple hours of your life, GO RIDE YOUR BIKE PEOPLE!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I don't know what happened, but I've been sick all day. I like to blame it on the children. They are always carrying who knows what! But, I love 'em anyways. I think I'm feeling better now. I haven't thrown up in a long time anyways. My papa's taking care of me though. So, hopefully tomorrow I'll be back in full swing and ready to get on the bike.