Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What have I done!?

I never thought I would be at this point. When I first started riding I was certain I would not be wearing those spandex shorts. Well okay, they provide some padding for your rump, but I'll only wear them under my b-ball shorts. Okay, I'll wear the spandex, but I'll never shave my legs.

And yet here I am with perfectly smooth shaved legs. It's amazing what this sport will do to you. And yet, I continue to love it every day. I'm still not convinced on all the selling points of why one should shave there legs, but with so many people doing it I thought I would see what all the hype was about. Plus, I'm comfortable enough to answer the stares and q's that will inevitably be thrown my way. All I can say so far is....it feels nice.
Just wanted to remind you all of what my back yard looks like. A little bare still, but spring is coming...


Mike Wise said...

Welcome to the dark side Lelan.

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