Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Round 2

Attempted another road race. Unfortunately I couldn't make it two for two. Got a little impatient and had to settle for second place. Lessons well learned. The course was a bit hilly with one KOM challenge. I took second on that as well. It did make me a little proud though when someone said I was crazy for racing on a heavy cross bike.

Would much rather be preparing for Wilson this weekend though. Good luck to everyone headin' out West!


bobby said...

wish we were camping together this weekend. i'd definitely share my extra blankets with you. love you brother. talk to you soon.

Adventure Monkey said...

So yeah, I am a bit dissapointed at your 2nd place too.. :)

Seriously though, Great job man!

Stephanie said...

Hey Just wanted to say we missed having you at Wilson with us!!
Miss you a ton and looking forward to your return!
love ya,