Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, no racing for me this week, but I will resume action next Tuesday. The fella's seemed to have had a great time at Bone Bender and Mike even took home the 'W' in his class. Wish I could have been there teaming up with my business partner. Aaron was also racing in CA this weekend at Sea Otter. Congrats to just being there man! Here is a brief video I found of the start of Bone Bender. I also stalked down some photos. Go here for much more. Keep up the good work boys!

Cameron returning to a dress code we can appreciate. Thanks for paving the way good sir!
Typical Mike. Wide eyed (at least I assume under the glasses) and smiling from ear to ear.
Sir Wintle III. 'Nuff said.


Anne Marie said...

umm hellooooooo? fellas and LADY! just cause you aren't here yet doesn't mean i can't whip you boy! ;)

Anne Marie said...

fyi, i knew you were just talking about the team, but i thought i'd give ya crap anyway :)