Friday, April 2, 2010

April No fools

Guess if I was clever enough I would have devised a hilarious prank post for you all yesterday. We can clearly see that didn't happen. I did freshen up the page a little with a new photo up top. Taken by none other then the adventure monkey himself. The ride itself was a bit brutal. I had certainly forgotten the wind. Eric calls it 'Kansas climbing.' All I know is it's hard work. Going into the wind provided us little opportunity for casual conversation. With my tum tum growling we made it into Olpe and refueled with what I am sure was high quality riding food from the gas station. With the wind at our backs we were able to hammer it home with the greatest of ease. About 40 miles for the day. A bit shorter then anticipated, but we got start considerably later then planned. 

While we were playing in the wind, a handful of High Gear faithfuls made their way down to Arkansas for the Ouachita Challenge. And as expected they had themselves a great time and turned out some great results. Aaron came home with a 3rd place finish, congrats good sir! 

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