Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Trails

I previously eluded to the notion that I would be riding outside this past Tuesday. Not only would I have the opportunity to ride outside, but sweet single track awaited me and the Superfly. I am here to tell you that journey never happened. Monday did bring in a warm front that would carry into Tuesday. Unfortunately it also brought a torrential down pour with it. Lame. Ah, just need to survive February it seems. First race kicks off March 16th and I may have very little outdoor riding time. But, it doesn't concern me too much at the moment since my good friend Tom and I have been getting in some quality trainer riding (Tom recently bought the three part CTS Climbing DVDs). 

A bit of randomness to get you through your day:

Meatloaf Hands!


Mike Wise said...

LOVE the meatloaf hands!!!

LeLan Dains said...

They looked pretty real! Of course that made it a little difficult to eat them after they were cooked...