Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random thoughts on the eve of Christmas Eve

If you have not seen every last episode of Arrested Development then I strongly suggest you do so. Now. Bobby, Crystal, and myself have diligently watched the entire three seasons. Now that it is over I'm not quite sure how I'll spend my time. Riding is on the back burner...for the most part. Bobby and I made a trip out to Raunchy Randy's Cyclo-X track and tore up the course in the snow on our mountain bikes. This Friday the temps are s'posed to rocket into the mid 50's. Nothing will be keeping me off my bike on Friday.

How could I have forgot about this. Bobby and I finally finished up our schooling. I think a few people have got their doctorates in the time it took me to get a bachelor's, but hey, we can't all be rocket scientist's. Big ol' thanks to my family for making me feel pretty special about it. Hmm, seems to be about all that's been going on lately. Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

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schwimbiker said...

congrats to you and the Bobby