Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bye Bye Home of the Blues...Buenas Dias Bread Basket State

I know what you're thinking and you are wrong my friend. These are not just any ol' ordinary ducks swimming in a hotel lobby. These are THE world famous Peabody ducks. Daffy ain't got nothin' on these mallards. Well, enough hype. While strolling downtown we walked by the Peabody hotel and had to stop by and see the trained birds. They really don't do much besides walk down from their 21st floor penthouse to come play in the fountain. Then they go back upstairs. It made my night.
Also made a trip to the National Civil Rights Museum. This is the Lorraine Hotel, the wreath on the balcony signifies the place where MLK Jr. was standing when he was shot. The hotel has since been converted into the Civil Rights Museum. Top notch, see it if you're rolling through Memphis. I had to make a stop at the Gibson factory (even though I'm a Fender man myself). The tour was pretty sweet, although guitars are nearly made entirely by machines nowadays. It was still a good time, got to pick on some high dolla' gitfiddles.

Now, I kept this a secret from my friends and family. But, I decided to quit my job in pursuit of Big Foot full-time. I thought I would take my belongings to the pacific northwest and make routine bike trips into the backcountry in search of the elusive primate. But, as it turns out he was just hanging out in downtown Memphis. Friendly fella too and always spreading holiday cheer. Not to mention he grilled up some nice burgers. 

Well, I guess this is my final Memphis post. In two days I'll be making the trip back to good ol' Kansas. Memphis has been good to me, but let's face it. The south has nothin' on the sweet tea I've got waiting for me. And BBQ...PLEASE! Gimme that sweet KC Masterpiece any day. Now the riding, that I'm gonna miss (a little further East). Yes, Kansas is beautiful in her own barren wasteland kinda way. But, I'd pick a certain group of folks over the mountains every time. It goes without saying that I'm coming back for my family and there are too many wonderful people to name. Never thought I'd be so happy to admit that only a few of 'em have escaped state boundaries. I guess what I'm trying to say is good bye Tennessee, hello Home Sweet Home.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Grandson. We are all very excited for you to be coming HOME. Love you bunches

bobby said...

get your butt home son!

schwimbiker said...

I had originally thought that you'd be leaving e-town and I'd be coming in. Seems you are going to return, and I have yet to fulfill my duties as a cyclist. I need help selling my house (still). Would you help me so that we can ride together? I miss you so.