Monday, December 15, 2008

CX Nationals

The warm morning temps were a mere teaser and the looming cold front was only appropriate for a cx national championship. Mike, Jim, Bobby and myself decided we needed to have a little fun, so we did a couple laps on the short track around the corner from the cross course. It was enough to convince me I might want to hit a couple of those up come next summer. Then the cold really hit. It was miserable for a bit, but then Mike, Bobby, and I found a good bit of the course that was hidden by some trees. 
Nothing like below freezing temps to bring out the crazies of the world. Gotta love it.
Look at this champ. Amidst all the stars this guy was by far my favorite. But, it was nice getting a little start struck by the likes of Todd Wells and Jeremiah Bishop. And of course a long list of 'crossers. 
Taking the barriers like a champ. 
Eventual National Champion Ryan Trebon. I was glad to see him take home the victory. It seemed to be sweet justice for what happened here last year. The man won it by a considerable margin.