Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

Storm rolling in at dusk

Had yet another amazing time on the Thursday night group ride. I'm not sure I could have a bad time. It is truly amazing to see so many people out on a weekly community ride. (Well, I say that, but that's just because I haven't been caught up in the recent crashes!) With yet another summer storm threatening to close in on some hapless bike riders (oh yeah, you DK'ers know what I'm talking 'bout) we decided it would be best to head right for it. "Head right for the carnage," you say. Well yes actually. By heading into the wind and towards the storm we allow ourselves to actually stay ahead of the storm. If the weather would have turned on us we could have just spun around and coasted on the tail wind back to town. Fortunately the storm stayed farther south then we ever intended on going, so we stayed dry. Instead we were treated to a simply beautiful June evening with gorgeous views of a Kansas storm front. One of the many sights I love in the plains.

Matt Day was very enthused to be the model in my skyline shot. I was just happy that I got decent colors out of the sky and foreground. Now if I only had some fancy editing programs I could really make something out of it. That's ok, Matt makes it beautiful. No touch ups needed. 

Ah yes, that is Sir Timothy, good shepherd of the High Plains flock. Tending to his sheep and making sure none are lost to the storm. 

And I will end you with the same picture I started with, only slightly tweaked. I know, but I like them both. So here you go. Peace out.

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