Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ants in my pants

Well, maybe not in my pants, but they were in my helmet! Jed's as well. Apparently we ran over an ant hill and flung ants all over ourselves. These little buggers were vicious too. They were definitely of the flesh eating variety of ant. In fact, Jed and I had to tear away from the parade lap so we could get back to the house and hose ourselves down. It was not enjoyable to say the least. But, aside from this little fiasco the Campfire Ride was certainly a success. Some people held off because of the amount of rain we have been getting, but the trail was in surprisingly good shape and perfect for putting some rubber down. Once the sun went down we got the fire going and started in on the s'mores. (sorry, no pics at the moment, but I know some of the other guys were taking some, so maybe I'll swipe theirs and add it in later.)

 Oh, and I gotta post some pics of sleeping beauty. Dustin and I curled up on the deck and watched the amazing light show last night (lightning, in case you weren't catching on).

We ended up falling asleep outside. Man was it amazing. Or dare I say, de-light-ful! That's right, I just went there.  Ok, I'm just gonna wrap this up now.


schwimbiker said...

We've got to keep up the awesomeness. If only people knew what they were missing, we would have a crowded deck!

LeLan Dains said...

True story my friend, true story.