Friday, June 10, 2011

Series results updated for the UFD. We are halfway through the season and I am currently tied for third. Wait, wait, hold your applause and congratulations. I know that sounds pretty cool, but the Cat 1 19-29 field has not been deep at all this year. As you can see for yourself by clicking on the link there has not been many 19-29 competitors this year. In fact, for two races in a row Steinmetz was the only guy in the class! Trust me, he would have won if anyone did show up. It's the only way I could be in third after only doing 1 of 5 races ! I suppose I've got my excuse, I was out for some of these do to this:

Broken clavicle in case you couldn't gather

I'm good and over that now, but I will be missing yet another race this weekend due to a wedding. Ah! I just want to race my mtb. Oh well, soon enough. I should be good and trained up by the next one so I will have n excuses!

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