Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Cross Race

So Bobby and I gave our first try at some 'cross racing. And let me be the first to say, we made some serious miscalculations. Certainly a week of riding does not sufficiently prepare you for the perils of a cyclocross race. I managed to stumble around for 45 minutes and find myself in DEAD LAST place. Not the first time I've been there and of course it won't be the last. Oddly enough I always have fun when I'm losing. There are a lot less worries at the back of the pack. However, I don't anticipate being in that position come next year. Oh no, my eyes have been opened and I now know what is required to tackle a 'cross race. But for now it's back to the mileage in preparation for a long season of endurance races...thank goodness! 

Bobby decided brakes were highly overrated for 'cross racing and came to the conclusion that only real men race on 30 year old steel frames. Maybe he's on to something, at least he managed to cross the line before a few other people. 

Sir Chambers rolling to a second place finish. Albeit fast, the 1,2,3 race was a bit boring. I know that sounds harsh, and there was some nice carnage on the first lap. Big legs + sloppy corners = destruction and endos. After that the race strung out and the finishing order was decided after the first couple laps. This is not to take away from the amazing ride that Chris Wallace put on nor the show that Cam was treating us to. Not feeling that two barriers was enough, Cam decided to hurdle a 'third' barrier. It's never a good sign when the racers are bored.
Bobby destroyed the hill run up. I'm pretty sure he passed half the field on the first dismount. Too bad the race wasn't one big hill run up. He might have won the thing. 
Creative camera work from Bobby. In true Wilson style I managed to hide my face from the paparazzi. It was important to hide my face being that far in the back. Although, a photographer for the Johnson Co. paper asked for my info for a photo. So maybe I made the local paper. I nearly forgot about Brittan and Melissa, they both cranked out 4th place finishes. Well done to the both of them! 


schwimbiker said...

What is this 'third' barrier you speak of? Did they have optional barriers?

LeLan Dains said...

just make believe ones that only Cam could see.