Sunday, February 1, 2009

An update from Garret?

You know it's time to update when Garret is throwing down posts. What's it been....2 years? Plus, everyone else has kept me informed of their doings, so I thought I should join the party. Just watched the Super Bowl. You've all seen it I imagine. Wanted the Cards to pull one out (Go Underdogs!), but don't get to concerned about it beyond that. Let's see...SS and Superfly are tubeless. That makes me very happy. The cross bike will be soon. Chris Wiggins, Mike, and myself laid down 6 laps at camp Alexander yesterday. I couldn't of imagined feeling any better. But, with the weather what it was I don't know that I could have had a bad day on the bike. I know, you're getting the short and skinny here. Maybe the next post will be a little more colorful. Possibly even a picture or two.

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