Monday, May 5, 2008

Was that Neal McDonough?

If anything the trip out West was worth it just to meet a movie star. But, the racing was great also. The trails were amazing and the weather finally decided to cooperate for a race. Bobby and myself went out on Saturday to do the Hill Climb and the short track, as well as get some early camping in. I had a good day on Saturday winning both events and getting some awesome prizes. (thanks Doug!) Bobby tore up the short track and got a win in his first mtb race! Sunday didn't fare to well for the campers, but Matt, Garret, Dusty, and Randy showed up fresh and ready to go. No pictures up yet, but I know plenty were taken. I'll get the link up when I find 'em.


Neal McDonough said...

Had a blast to hang out with such a crazy cat. I am currently trying to get in DK 200. Have you heard I won't be the only famous one there? Bontrager and Travis Brown are scheduled to race.

LeLan Dains said...

Yeah, but I think your fame is far exceeding.