Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Power of Persuasion

Apparently I have a new found power of persuasion. I was really in race mood this past weekend, but no one else from the Emporia area felt like making the drive. I decided to call Dandy Randy, knowing that barring some sort of hospital visit, he would be down for a race. With him on board it was just a matter of time before Matt and Steph would succumb to the peer pressure. I think they had a good time, even though Matt wasn't feeling it in the legs and had to drop out and Steph got herself sick racing to a 2nd place finish. Randy and I both finished 2nd also, Dusty took 4th, and Jim rounded out a 3rd place finish for the High Gear squad. Cam also placed 2nd on a geared 26er. I know, it's hard to believe. Moral of the story is that St. Jo has some amazing trails that are well worth the drive.

Also, if you're within striking distance of Camp Alexander (Emporia) then make the trip. Matt, Steph, and myself worked until the lights went out last night to get the trails in riding condition. Enjoy!

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