Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Feeling better and wasting time

I know you were all concerned, but I made it through the illness and am feeling much better. I rode the bike to school this afternoon, but my legs were burning! Looks like they need another day of rest. So instead I've just been hangin' on youtube, scouring for sweet videos. I thought I would put some links up here to the fun stuff I've been seeing.

Here is the link to my page, also check out my favorites. I watch quite a few mtb vids. But, here is an amazing bike that I would like to give a whirl. Although I don't think being harnessed in necessarily makes you safe. And here is a short clip on Spot Brand's belt driven bikes. I am looking forward to Josh Patterson getting his in so he can tell us how well it performs. And finally, if bikes aren't your thing and you're looking for a good laugh. Just search Japanese TV game shows. They're hilarious. Okay, now that you have waisted a couple hours of your life, GO RIDE YOUR BIKE PEOPLE!

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