Saturday, February 16, 2008

No matter what

So, we checked the forecast this morning. High just above 30 and rainy. Perfect riding weather for Tim. He talked me into going and I in turn had to talk Bobby and Garret into coming along as well. We decided we would get a small taste of the DK action and re-ride the Freedom Ride route. It was a good reminder of what hills are out there. (The Flint Hills are not flat if that's what you were thinking.) Things were going well until about 20 miles into the ride it decided to drizzle. Now I guess that's better than some full out pouring, but it was still wet none the less. We had no choice but to hunker down and grind it out. The precipitation cut the ride a little short at 35 miles, but I guess that's no bad given the conditions. Basically, Tim means business. All the time.

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