Sunday, February 24, 2008

1 week and counting...

One week from today. That's what we got till race season. And I'm glad we had a day like today to go rip it up. Matt, Garret, Mike, and I ventured out on the mountain bikes to put in some miles. Bobby wanted to join, but was feeling under the weather. We stuck to the road, because the gravel was still pretty wet from last nights snowfall. Nothing too exciting to report from the ride. Once we hit the Rapids exit on our way to Lebo on 50, we decided (or rather Mike decided) to crank it up a notch and we averaged 20mph into Lebo. There was no time to stop there as we headed south (and into the wind, which the forecast claimed would not be there) to Hartford. We hit up the gas station (I avoided the pizza) and refueled. We were able to contact Tim who worked his way out on John Deere to meet up with us. He joined us for about the last 15 miles of the ride. (And made us pay dearly) Tim and Matt made the city sprint interesting, but only because Matt nearly went over the guard rail. I guess there was plenty of handlebar bumping and eye gouging going on. I don't know what these kids are doing these days. I was told it was a photo finish (of course I was not close enough to witness it myself).

I'm pretty optimistic though as the forecast is calling for some sunshine this week!

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