Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunday Ride

Well, we got out again this past Sunday for another afternoon ride. There were 8 of us that made the trip. Myself, Matt, Timzilla (Mr. Mohn), Bobby, Mike Wise, Garret Seacat, his brother Brian, and Teddy. Quite the turnout for the middle of January.

We headed north on 99 to RD 250. From there we went East through Reading. This stretch was amazing. This particular road is some of the smoothest pavement around Emporia and more importantly the wind was at our backs. It was short-lived though as we turned back South in to Lebo. Tim and I were trying to hatch a plan to make a city limit sprint in to Lebo. But, Lebo apparently is not sure about where it begins and had no sign to sprint to. After Lebo, Garret and Brian headed for Emporia on Highway 50. The rest of the group ventured further South to Hartford. After Hartford it got cold. Something about the sun going down makes the world a little cooler. Once we hit 99 heading back in to Emporia we knew we were home free. Total trip was about 65 miles.

Some of the ladies decided to make it out as well. Stephanie, Crystal B., Jenna, and C-dub made a gravel road trip out around Olpe and back. Very nice!

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