Monday, January 7, 2008

Puttin' down some miles.

Well, sorry to say there are no pictures from yesterday's ride. But, it was an adventure. Matt Brown, Shawn Honea, Bobby Wintle, and myself set out to put in some miles before race season.

We headed out of town west on Highway 50. Making it to Strong City was a feat in itself. The shoulder is plenty wide, but you battle rumble strips and semi's the whole way there. After a quick stop to refill on water we headed north on 177 to Council Grove. This stretch of Highway is just magnificent. The view is great, (if you like that no tree's, nothing but hills and blue skies kinda look.) the hills are long, (Yes, there are elevation gains in Kansas) and the wind was surprisingly mild for Kansas. (Anything under 15mph is a welcomed surprise around here.) When we hit Council grove we made a pit stop at a gas station for some much needed nutrition. (gas station pizza and cookies.) Then it was a race against daylight to get back to Emporia. Despite averaging over 20 we had to call for a ride at Americus, ending our trip at 65 miles. Team manager Marv Brown came to chauffeur us back to Emporia. Next time we'll get an earlier start and I'll be sure to take the camera.

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