Monday, January 28, 2008

Madison Ride

The game plan is usually to head in to the wind first. That way you get the wind at your back on the way home. With the wind out of the South, taking 99 south was our only option. So off to Madison we went. We had our largest group yet with 9 people. Matt, Brad Williams, Bobby, Mike Wise, Shawn Honea, Teddy, Garret Seacappie, Dusty Sopoci, and myself. As usual Tim was absent. We miss you Tim.

The wind was pretty brutal heading south (22-25 mph) and the hills were getting bigger the closer we got to Madison. Luckily we had Seacappie to pull us through the mountains. After rehydrating in Madison we ventured a little ways East and then turned on to the promised land. A beautiful stretch of highway heading north into Hartford. (Yes, that means the wind is with us now.) I'm pretty sure we didn't drop under 25mph until we hit Hartford. We decided to chow down on some tasty and in no way nutritional gas station pizza. This will be the last time I make this mistake. For the last 7-10 miles of the ride I was having some serious bubble guts. Not good. I don't wish that upon even my worst enemies. Not like it would have mattered. Matt took home the sprint honors on his cross bike. That means he beat out those of us on our road bikes with a 46t chain ring. What a punk. Who invites that guy anyways!

Just kidding, enjoy that beautiful Caribbean sun.

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