Monday, May 23, 2011

Fancy Creek

Well, I got back in the saddle and made my return to racing yesterday at the Dirty Little Secret put on by the fine folks at Big Poppi. The trail was better than I remembered. It was at this trail that I did my very first mountain bike race 5 or 6 years ago. As for the collar bone, I certainly can't use it as an excuse. Sure, it was sore. But the pain was nothing I couldn't fight through. The legs on the other hand, well they were pretty lackluster. The trail also beat me up pretty good. I hadn't taken into account that I had also lost a fair amount of upper body strength. There wasn't much to lose to begin with, but whatever I had is surely gone now. There were other forces working against me as well. I lost my right contact during my pre-ride lap. I suppose depth perception isn't all that important in a mountain bike race, is it?

Anyways, the race was phenomenal. Aaron and the crew went above and beyond to put on a good time. Socks were given at registration (which for aspiring race promoters, I thought was way better than another t-shirt). BBQ was ready the moment you finished up. And sweet swag was raffled off at no extra charge.

Randy and I made the trip from Emporia, while Aaron and Dusty also showed up to represent High Gear. It was a good thing Aaron was there to at least put in a decent performance on behalf of the rest of us! Congrats to everyone that showed up.

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