Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adventure Monkey Tour

Round two of Adventure Monkey Tours is complete! The weekend was pretty fantastic albeit we could have done with some slightly warmer weather. Wind I can deal with, that's always gonna be there. But, I thought for sure we were done with the cold!

Perhaps not amber yet, but these waves were rockin' in the wind. It was a beautiful sight, one of many we saw throughout the weekend.

This pretty much sums up Bobby. Always enjoying life. He was able to join us for our Friday ride, we all sure wished he could have stayed the whole weekend. It doesn't matter where you're riding as long as you've got this guy along!

The Superfly needed a rest.

Navigating a creek crossing and getting a little taste of former DK200 glory.

Stopped at an old cemetery along the route. There were headstones for Civil War and even Mexican-American War vets!

Trip wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Bummy's in Elmdale. Gary was serving us up. The lady who runs the store is 94 and has been operating the place since 1947. Simply amazing.

These are some ol' time malt makers. This place used to be a butcher shop and malt stop. It definitely served us well with some of Milwaukee's Best brewskies and chocolate milk. Not a malt, but refreshing none the less. Make sure to sign up for our fall tour here!


Jed said...

Looks like it was fun!

Adventure Monkey said...

oh yeah! NIce pics Lelan!!