Monday, October 18, 2010


So, I hate to admit it, but all this reading in my leadership class is paying off. I had an amazingly frustrating time at the Clinton 3/6 hr race this past Saturday.

First off though, where have all the mountain bikers gone!? So what cross is here. You've got an entire winter for that stuff. You folks have been missing some beautiful mountain bike weather. There aren't much of those left this year you know.

Okay, back to the race. All the books are telling me, and I certainly believe that we must choose our attitudes. A lot of things went wrong at Clinton for me, but there is no sense in getting angry or even quitting. The first lap went fine, rode near the front and was feeling decent. The Toros have been an amazing tire for me, but it is sad to say that after a year and a half they need replaced. Flat number one came on lap 2 as I ripped the rear tire open on a rock. I wasted my first CO2 discovering that Stanz wouldn't seal it. No problem, I'll just throw in the spare tube I've got. Used up the second and final CO2 on that. And of course, that means shortly there after I pinch flatted. Okay, getting a little ticked, but I've got my pump, so let's just patch it and go. Oh wait, Dustin borrowed my patch kit last weekend and I never put it back with my supplies. Fail. Okay, no quitting so I could either run it in or ride it in. Sure, the smart thing to do would have been to run. But, frustration led to riding on the rim. Yes, fully aware this is damaging, but I was not happy and this was much faster, albeit very energy draining.

Got back to the start line and saw that there was still an hour left before the 3 hour mark. At this point I could have packed it up and called it a day, but dang it I had paid my money. The sun was out and there was some fantastic trail action that I hadn't got enough of. I put on a smile, took my sweet time changing the tire and went out for another lap. The last lap was fun. Sure my race was over, I was well out of contention for any placing, but that didn't matter. I had fun on my bike.

Now to go check on that rim!

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bobby said...

love the post brotha. that a way to keep at it. i just saw that i missed a call from you like an hour ago. so i need to call you back asap. i'm headin to the sack right now though. yep i'm an old man like that, 9:30 that bed starts callin my name! i'm gonna be getting a new phone # sometime this week as well so i'll call you when that happens. love you man. talk to you soon.