Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ah, the great outdoors

Yes I finally sucked it up. Sure, the winters are a bit rough up here, but mostly I've just been a weeny. The temps were in the low 30s and only a light flurry for precipitation. After seeing what the Adventure Monkey was riding in, I knew this would be no problem.

The sign my friends, reads: "Next 1 1/2 miles, Use Low Gear." That is for the semis. For bikers that means "Hold on for Dear Life." In fact, as I was blazing down the hill the tears streaming from my eyes were freezing to my cheek. Unfortunately, the only way to get home is back up the hill. A mile and a half of 8% grade and that is no fun no matter what the temps are. 

I did manage to stop and take a few photos along the way. The ice is beautiful here all colorful like.  
The Superfly wanted to stop and pose with the pretty ice. 


Mike Wise said...

Way to man-up Lelan. See you next month!

Adventure Monkey said...

Looks like a sweet ride you weeny! ;)