Saturday, December 5, 2009



For the handful of people that actually wonder what I'm doing with my life, I apologize. My updates are getting about as bad as Garrett and that is just no good. It seems like I never have anything to update you with, but it's just that training has been a little dull. Trainer, trainer, and a little more trainer. I don't know how mad man Mike does it, but I have no desire to be going out in single temps to ride. Not to mention it's pitch black here at 5pm. Don't worry though, because I know you are concerned. Since the riding has been slow I've taken up quite a bit of hiking. In fact there are 35 peaks above 3,500 feet in the Catskills and I am going to climb them all! 4 down, 31 to go.

So since I have no new biking news, let me clue you in to some important info. DK200 2010. You do not want to be the only person not riding this event. Trust me, this is one you do not want to miss. For more check out

It is supposed to start snowing soon, which doesn't help getting off the trainer, but it will justify the season ski pass I'm about to get. All the snowboardin' I can handle only 30 minutes away. Throw in a little XC skiing from time to time and I just might have some good cross training this winter. Alrighty, that's all for now. Peace out.


bobby said...

i wanted to tell you, but during a different conversation if that makes any sense at all. yeah, i'm trying to sell the felt and not having much luck with it. it's icing and snowing here, so now more riding for us either for a while. love you dude, talk to you soon.

Garret S. said...

How dare you! haha Ok fine i know i suck at updating. P.s. You go away and forget how to spell my name? Talk about a low blow! Give me a call sometime brother.

Mike Wise said...

I was wondering if you had abandond your blog. Don't give up hope! Winter riding can be fun in itself. Much like skiing, you just need to dress appropriately.