Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thought I better inform the public of what is going down these days. Firstly, High Gear is bringing another amazing concert to town. This one is featuring Pillar, Fireflight, and Me in Motion. Find the link on the right to get all the details and where you can buy tickets. Or just call down at the bike shop. Round up your friends and plan on coming. 

In the riding world, I've been battling some motivational woes. I just haven't been wanting to get on the bike, which is not cool with Ouachita less then 2 weeks away. Bobby and I are in the process of stripping the Superfly down and giving it a good tune up. Maybe that will fire me up, it was a bit dirty and making some noises.  Life is a little muddy around here anyways, so won't be doing too much dirt riding this week. Also not looking forward to the predicted snow flurries this weekend. Hope there is sun in the forecast for Arkansas next weekend!

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