Saturday, March 14, 2009

Going for three

Tomorrow I plan on making a trifecta of amazing riding days. It started on Friday when Bobby and I had decided to do some exploring south of town. While heading down road E, (down around Madison) we made a break off the beaten gravel road on to a service road. It was quite the primitive route, which apparently allowed trucks to get to several oil rigs. I felt like we had rode back about 50 years. Things were going well and we were enjoying the scenery until our run in with a hungry cow. It was just one. Apparently he hadn't had his fill and stayed behind and was munchin' from a bucket of grains by the side of the road. I'm not ashamed to say Bobby and I were not brave enough to cross this bovine. He was staring us down pretty hard core. Fortunately it was pretty easy to cut through the field and hop a creek to get around him. Silly cow.

We followed that up today by taking a spur of the moment trip up to Lawrence. Internet claimed the river trails were rideable and that's all we needed to hear. So Bobby, Crystal, and myself loaded up the bikes and made the trip. They were in fact bone dry and fast as ever. Crystal was shreddin' trail on her new Paragon. I think she might like that thing. We visited the Sunflower shop, chowed down some Chipotle and then ventured over to Clinton to check out the free ride area. It was a bit muddy as expected, but at least Bobby got to see what they were working with. They had even put in a few new obstacles since I had been there last. Cap that off with some frozen custard and you can put another sweet day in the bank.

I can only imagine that tomorrow's planned ride with Mike will be just as nice. Although, riding gravel with that mad man usually means a day in the hurt box. I don't like it in that box. It hurts. What a weekend none the less.

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schwimbiker said...

Soak it up, Dude, here comes the rain (literally speaking). What are you training for this year? Ouchita? You can answer on Facebook.