Monday, September 1, 2008

Missing the Action

Well, I heard there is some trail work under way back in Emporia. I am quite upset to not be a part of it. But, I did manage to have a great day anyways. After some early morning shopping, (had to get some big boy pants for the jobby job), and some wonderful leftovers, I hit up the trails. I needed to avenge myself in this town with some good riding. As soon as I pulled up I was fortunate enough to meet up with a few local riders. After some introductions (The two Kyle's and Nick) we got on some singletrack. And it was amazing. It's no wonder these MO boys (and gals) know how to rip it. Immediately descending right from the trailhead, a bit loose, but nice and flowy. Across a bridge or two, through a parking lot, and then the rocky climbing. I guess when it comes to bikes, what goes down must come up. We passed by the Devil's Ice box (A cave) and kept on shredding. Shortly after however, one of the Kyle's broke his rear derailleur. That kinda ended his day. We parted ways and I kept on the trail. It was a long walk back to the parking lot, so after some exploration of my own I happened to pull back in at the same time as these guys. The Kyle with the good bike hadn't had enough so we mounted up and went for round two. This time we went the opposite direction and rode all new trail. I was told there was 22 miles worth of trail in the park! Does it get much better? With about 1/2 a mile to go, Kyle bent the master link on his chain. We slapped it back together and rode easy, trying not to put any stress on it. After making it back my mind definitely wanted more, but I had already been there for 3 hours, so my body won that argument and I called it a day. I venture on to Memphis tomorrow morning, I'm not excited about the drive, but I am ready for the adventure! Tune in soon for the updates.

p.s. I know, no pics. My computer isn't wanting to pick up the pirated signal anymore, but they're coming. I promise!

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