Friday, September 26, 2008

Hope you have a minute...

Well, this is obviously a long time coming. In my defense, I don't have internet where I'm staying. Where to begin, I guess where I left off.

After settling in I decided to spend my first weekend by going to a race down in Oxford, MS. I hitched a ride with a local racer and we thought it would be best to go down and pre-ride and camp on Saturday. All that did was wear me out. There's a bit more climbing down there. But, I guess the fact that there was not a rock in sight made up for it. Just wide open, blazing fast singletrack. I was loving it until the bear attack. I blame him for my fourth place finish, not the fact that I was suckin' wind and frying up some lactic acid in the legs on those climbs...

Silly bear, bikes are for humans.
My beautiful bike basking in the sun.

The following week I was able to get out and explore my surroundings a bit. I rode 'Stanky Creek.' It's the most popular trail in Memphis. It's pretty good stuff, very tight. No big climbs and tons of roots. I thought I was going to be preparing for the 12 hour race there, but I quickly found out I was going to VA Beach instead. I'll take it I guess. I can ride trails any time, it's not every day I can go to VA Beach. My calendar didn't stop from there, I've since added Baltimore, MD, and Japan to the travel schedule. I'm pretty excited about that. 

Besides riding, work has been great. My co-workers are really taking care of me. Between home cooked Italian and BBQ ribs I don't have much to complain about. Hmm, this leads me to make a very important observation. I'm going to have to watch my back around here after saying this, but the BBQ is kinda weak. Some KC BBQ is where it's at! Now, let me clarify a bit. I've hit up the bbq chains and the mom and pop joints alike down here. And it's nothing you can't get at Bobby D's. It's not bad, it's just not special. It wasn't until I went to the "Smokin' by the Lake" BBQ cook off that I found the true southern BBQ. My point is, you won't find stellar BBQ in the restaurants down here. You'll have to make friends quick and get the home cookin'! 

Well, my mind is being pretty scattered right now and I'm probably forgetting fun stuff to tell you. I would also provide more pics, but frankly, I decided I wasn't going to take my camera on rides with me. I wouldn't get any riding done! Maybe I'll take it downtown with me tomorrow and share that with ya. Anywho, love you all, wish every last one of you was down here with me. I absolutely PROMISE the next post won't take as long. Maybe I'll look into getting a sprint card or something. Adios!

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