Sunday, July 20, 2008

Raw Meat

I feel like I'm in an episode of My Name is Earl. Stupid Karma. I give Garret crap about his chapped a$$ and now my hind end looks like it went through a meat grinder. That's what Shawnee will do to you. I have ridden rocky courses and by no means shy away from a rocky challenge. But, this was just ridiculous. No big rocks to speak of, just seemingly endless amounts of bumps in the road.

Despite that, the day was great. Hotter than I anticipated, but I felt like I did a fair job of staying hydrated. I teamed up with my esteemed Business Partner, Bobby Wintle, and we crushed it for a 5th place showing. It was an all day battle royale between fellow High Gear racers Jim Cummins and Tim Mohn, but they edged us out in the end by just 1 minute. Garret and Mike also teamed up to form the punishing duo known as High BMI, but were riddled with mechanicals and wipeouts all day. Cam took the honors in the 6 hour solo class and Mark Studnicki shredded the field in the 3 hour race. Dandy Randy was feeling young and finished smack dab in the middle of the 3hr 40+ class. Way to give them youngin's a run for their money!

Also, thanks to Amber for talking me into some raffle tickets. I was pretty bummed about not winning anything at the last race. But, they had some lights that I wanted so I got $10 worth. I didn't get the lights, but walked away with a set of Easton wheels. I don't have a use for them so if anyone wants a set of Easton XC One's then let me know!

And I almost forgot Matt! Thanks for the loaner, it rode like a charm.

Bobby fixing his second flat, before the race even started!

Timzilla putting the squeeze on the Seacat.

Full Results Here

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schwimbiker said...

You said Easton mountain bike wheels? I might ask my friend Steve Dutton, he's building a single speed(smart guy).

As far as coming to town. I am going to Texas this weekend for a 150 mile fund-raiser. The next weekend is a possability. Are you guys gonna try the Camp thing again? If you did, it might catch my fancy! It'd be good to race you round your home course once.