Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spokepony Showdown

The heartland guys put on another amazing race this past weekend. It was well worth the wait. The trail was extremely dry and supa' fast. Randy and I teamed up together to take on the 6 hour duo class. It was all I could do to match Randy's intensity and we just fell short of the podium with a strong 4th place finish. Stephanie pulled through for the High Gear team as usual with a second place finish in the women's 3hr solo race. Tim faced off against Matt for the first time and held is own in a tough crowd. Matt came in 6th and Tim rounded out the top ten in the 30-39 3hr class. Mike Wise decided to log in some time on the bike and ventured out to do 6hrs solo. He plugged away for a 6th place finish. And finally, there was Jim and Joel. The two DK200 organizers paired up and tag-teamed their way to a second place finish. For the full results click here.

There aren't too many pictures to speak of yet. But, I did find a few on the cowtown blog. You can get a glimpse of the trail here.

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