Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Race Updates

Ok, here is some much awaited details on the race. But, don't you worry, we are still a good 5 weeks out and planning is coming along nicely. This will certainly be a race that you will not want to miss out on!


Saturday Oct 1st - IMBA's Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
(Unfortunately we will not have events planned as expected, however, the chat trails are great for the youngsters and camping is available nearby. Send a message if you would like more information)

Sunday Oct 2nd - 5k trail run and mtb races

Entry Fees:

Beg, Sport, SS = $20
Expert = $25
5k run = $20

Race Times:

5k Run - 9am (mass start all age groups)
Beg Men - 10:30 (2 laps)(mass start)
Beg Women - 10:31 (2 laps)
Expert Men - 12:00 (4 laps)(Mass Start)
Expert Women - 12:01 (3 laps)
Sport Men - 12:02 (3 laps) (Mass Start)
SS - 12:03 (3 laps)
Sport Women - 12:04 (3 laps)
* We reserve the right to combine start times as necessary depending on field sizes!

Age Groups/Divisions

men - 34 under, 35 plus
women - 34 under, 35 plus

Beg Men - 34 under, 35 plus
Beg Women - Open
SS - Open
Sport Men - 34 under, 35 plus
Sport Women - Open
Expert Men - 34 under, 35 plus
Expert Women - Open

* Remember, if you are an expert male 35 plus you can choose to race down in the 34 under class to go for the overall payout. See post below for more details on that.


Follow this link for details on course and location:

Additional Info:

In case you forgot, here is a run down on what to expect. The Riverfront MTB Race and 5K is all about you. More specifically, it is about you having fun. This event will be great whether it is your first time or if you are a hardened veteran of dirt. It is a great atmosphere for first timers and a fun challenging trail for expert riders.

There will be food available for an additional cost (~$5 will get you burger and a drink kinda deal).

We have fantastic prizes thanks to Trek for the top 3 in all age groups. Useful things you will be glad to have! The Expert 34 under and Expert women classes will be the only paid classes. Payouts will be dependent on field sizes. More people = more payback. So, if you are trying to earn some cash it is in your best interest to bring friends!

If anything is unclear, or if you have any questions, feel free to let me know! Hope you can join us!


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