Friday, April 22, 2011

Bone Bender

I may be forced off the bike, but I still got one good hand for handing up water bottles. Two of High Gear's finest were heading up to Clinton to contest the 6 hour solo race. Plus, Dustin and Joel teamed up to take Bobby and I's spot in the duo. I couldn't miss it, even if I was slingin' it!

The turn out was great. I got a sweet video of the run, but I'm not smart enough to get it off my phone. Damn smart phones are smarter than me.

Joel kicked off the race for the duo team. Joel was in for a surprise as this was only his second race and first time at Clinton.

He looked a little shell shocked after the first lap, but championed it out and rode hard for a couple more laps.

Dustin running up the final climb of the lap. 3/4 of the field chose to do the same up this slick, rooty/rocky, and off-camber climb.

Mike was speeding along so fast I could barely get his picture. His day got cut a little short though when he clipped a tree and tumbled down a cliff. Left him with some sweet raspberries and welted quad. He still rode a lap and a half before calling it good though!

I was gonna go for a swim in between water boy duties, but I had to keep my clothes on. That's no fun.

Randy was tearing up the course all day long. It was straight out of a Rocky film, and I felt like Mick. Only this was mountain bike racing of course. Every lap I was telling him to ride as hard as he possibly could. He always says he could have rode harder at the end of a race and I wasn't gonna let that happen!

He may not have pulled out the Rocky style victory, but 2nd in the 50+ and top 20 overall. A finish the Italian Stallion would have been proud of. I know I was!

As for me, I'm two weeks into this broken collar bone and really starting to feel better the past two days. I leave for Wisconsin this Monday. Hopefully I can do enough to convince them they should pay me to ride bikes and lead others doing the same. Im pretty confident of one thing, when I get back in two weeks I will be dying to ride with the guys and gals of E-Town!

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