Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new views

Well, unless this is your first time you may be noticing that things are looking a little bit differently (and they will probably keep changing from time to time). I finally got to work on updating ye ol' bloggy. First and foremost check out the links (pictures) on your right. These are the peeps that make this whole Trek/High Gear team work. They are truly amazing organizations and I recommend you check out their products and/or see what they are all about.

The snowpocalypse wasn't too bad here in Emporia, KS. But, it was enough to make a person stay inside. Fortunately I have had two very wonderful roommates motivating me to ride and despite the indoor lockdown I have managed to crank out some of my best winter workouts. Let's just hope I can keep the jets under control for another month or two until the real racing begins.