Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Fun

I had the great pleasure of showing off the Catskills to Jim this past weekend. He is making the transition to Bethlehem and made the time to come up and join me for a race here in the mountains. The race course was a little tough, but extremely fun. However, they decided to shorten the race from 3 laps to 2 (I would have been happy with 3), so it wasn't too bad. The lap was 5 miles long and had a pretty substantial 900' of climbing in that short time (long and steep!). It was a great day on some great trails. I will say this though, from a race promotion stand point the midwest has been far better then anywhere I've been! And I am very much looking forward to returning to those races. Hmm...maybe even at Perry if I'm not too spent from all that driving.

In true Adventure Monkey fashion I will try and remember to plug the upcoming first ever Flint Hills Cyclo-Photography Tour Weekend every time I post. Just so you don't forget. And yes, we are still working on the name. But, at least you know what you would be in for. The date is the weekend of Sept. 10-12, so mark it now. More details on activities and pricing to come. Just know that it will be quite affordable and an amazing time!

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dale said...

sad to say goodbye to something like that! but as you say, it leaves room for new adventures, and life is all about new experiences.