Friday, June 11, 2010

The Dawg

First and foremost congrats to the Adventure Monkey on completing the Dirty Kanza 200 and everyone else who attempted such a feat. It is no small task!

Also, I had a revelation yesterday. Full suspension bikes are nice. I went out to Woodstock yesterday for the weekly Thursday night road ride. When I got there the mood had been changed to a mtb ride. Since I didn't have my mtb, Billy from Overlook let me ride a loaner. An all-mountain, 5" of squishy goodness Kona Dawg. Not top of the line, but not a Wally World special either. But, this baby was the softest thing I have ever ridden. And the stories are true. The East Coast is rocky. Okay, yes, there are some trails in which you can get by with a Hard Tail out here on the East Coast. But, I can safely say that if I was staying out here, I would be getting a FS.

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