Sunday, May 30, 2010


So yes, I do think Kansas is beautiful. But, dang, this is my weekly Thursday night ride.

Oh, and for a point of reference I live in the valley just on the other side of these little peaks. I've been going up to Woodstock on a pretty regular basis now and each time the route is different. But, inevitably we get a number of views of equal greatness. This past Thursday's ride was 50 miles of pure bliss. And to top if off, we finished at the bike shop with some waffles! Ah yes, the life indeed.

But wait, there's more! I once read in a magazine an article about an attempted corporate take over of some amazing trails in Northern Vermont known as the Kingdom Trails. Needless to say the trails won and are now 50+ miles of some amazing looking singletrack. (I will know for sure in about a week) So, let the jealousies continue and feast your eyes on what I will be riding in about a week's time. That's right, camping and riding, life is good.

And finally for some completely unrelated icing on the cake, watch this.