Monday, August 10, 2009

Night Riding

My it has been a long time since I went out for some riding after the sun went down. And boy did I forget what I was missing. It definitely helps that I got a couple of new lights as well. After tonight I'm feeling even better about RIM. It will be a grand ol' time for sure. Mike and I started out tonight wanting to see just how long our lights would last. Needed to test the guarantee on the box. Tim and Garret joined us on lap number two and put in a couple laps. I went out for lap 4 on my own and took quite a spill. Not entirely sure what even happened. Just lost the front tire in a loose downhill corner and was kissing dirt before I new what was going on. After finishing that lap I learned that Tim and Garret had already left and Mike was packing it in. He had gone down as well and had a knot on his calf the size of a softball. Hopefully that is better before next weekend. It had only been two hours so I decided I would forge on alone. The box claimed 3 1/2 hrs on high beam so I needed to be sure. After finishing lap number 5 of the trails my back was getting a bit tender, so I jetted out for 10 miles of gravel. Some pretty gnarly thunder forced me to head back slightly early, but got a total ride time of 3 hours and the lights were still going strong. 

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