Sunday, June 14, 2009

MO State Champs

A little late to be posting about last weeks race. But, I get to it when I get to it. Went up early on Saturday to stay with my cuz. Tim cooked us up some amazing BBQ. Morning of the race brought some rain. By the time the Experts went out the rest of the fields had packed the trails in, but the downpour had still left the rocks a little slick. I started pretty much how I had hoped. Stay towards the back and out of peoples way and try to hang on. Unfortunately they left me behind a couple of spills on the opening descent. No biggie, go around and keep on trucking. Until it was me hitting the ground. First one wasn't bad, hit a rock sliding in a corner and burped an already low rear tire. Shot it back up and it held the rest of the race. (It had been slowly leaking all week prior) Battled back and forth with some SS'ers from time to time and was feeling ok until lap 2. Got a little sloppy and hopped over the handlebars and shoulder checked a tree. I only had a mild bruise. I'm sure that tree was feeling it all week though. This one sent the bike rolling a bit though and the chain wanted to hop the rest of the day. Maybe if I knew anything about bikes I could have made the adjustment on the go. My luck, I just would have damaged things further. Which, fast forward to today and I got some major chain suck that couldn't be pulled out. I didn't touch it I swear! Better put some time on the monocog and let the Superfly get repaired. Camp Alexander trails are looking good and will be race ready come July 19th ( Yes, I will plug that in every post, so get used to it. This week is Bike Week for the kiddies at camp. So maybe they'll get it nice and ridden in. That, or we'll have daily trail maintenance and they can get to trimming on some corridor. Kids + Trail Implements = trip to the hospital and a likely lawsuit. Better just round up the crew and get it knocked out.